Caobar, S.A. holder of mining rights covering a total of 8970 hectares of which over 95% are for the exploitation of mineral kaolin and quartz. The rest are for feldspathic sand.

Except feldspathic sand concessions that are located in Taravilla and Atienza area, northeast of Guadalajara, the remaining mineral reserves are clustered in the vicinity of Alto Tajo, Guadalajara south and north of the province Cuenca.

Administratively, all the mining concessions are a group whose concentration is currently work in the concession Maria Jose, stocking up on the mines in Poveda de la Sierra.

The treatment plant is located in the town of Taracena, 3 km from Guadalajara, adjacent to the Madrid-Zaragoza and 80 km from Poveda de la Sierra.

The plant has a treatment capacity of more than 500,000 tons of ore..

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