Environmental policy

Caobar, S.A. as a mining industry of the 21st century, has among its business priorities sustainable development in the execution of the projects of extraction of natural resources in its exploitations of the Alto Tajo region, as well as the benefit of the same in its plants in Taracena and Poveda de la Sierra.

Aware of the environmental value of the territory where it carries out its extraction activity, in the area of influence of the Upper Tagus Natural Park, respect for the environment presides over all its operations.


Caobar, S.A., within the framework of its environmental policy, carries out surveillance and control of the different environmental impacts that affect its mining projects, verifying:

  • The state of water and air quality, with continuous and periodic controls.
  • The correct management of the land and the environmental quality of the spaces recovered through the execution of the restoration plans.
  • The correct management of waste.
  • The tolerable levels of noise emissions generated by its activities.
  • The correct implementation of preventive and corrective measures for the impact on fauna and flora.
  • The state of access to its facilities.
  • The evolution of the impacts and effectiveness of the measures applied.



    The high levels of quality objectives in all phases of our production process have helped us very effectively in the success achieved with our clients in our more than 50 years of operation.

    To achieve and maintain this success, the main quality objective of Caobar S.A. is to ensure that in all activities related to the manufacture and delivery of kaolin and silica, the technical, legal and qualitative requirements that have been defined for them are met.

    The optimisation of this quality, associated with both activities and products, has led Caobar, S.A. to implement a Quality System

    as a commitment to permanent improvement, as well as to establish the necessary tests and controls so that all our products comply with the applicable requirements for the EC market. The Management of the Company assumes as its own the responsibility of achieving quality, with the total support and involvement of the staff.


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