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Caobar, S.A. was founded on the 15th of June 1964 by Mr. José Sanchís Colomer and Mr. Rafael Peris Boquera, two illustrious Valencian businessmen related to the

ceramics industry, and with more than 50 years of history operating in the mining sector, it is currently the leading national producer of kaolin. With the base of excellent raw materials properly combined, we have managed to establish a company in which the service to the client, as well as the search for the highest quality in all our processes are the true drivers.

The wide range of uses of our products means that we are present as suppliers in sectors as diverse as the chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, ceramic and sports sectors, leading to an annual processing of 800,000 Tn. both in our country and abroad, where we directly and indirectly supply a high percentage of our production.

Caobar, S.A. was founded on June 15, 1964 by Mr. José Sanchís Colomer and Mr. Rafael Peris Boquera, two illustrious Valencian businessmen related to the ceramics industry.

Since the beginning of its operations Caobar has had the mission to be in a leading position in the production of its minerals, which are exploited at a national level, establishing commercial relationships with the most reputable industries in the sector.


The production of washed kaolin, at the beginning was 10.000 Tn/year, and throughout our long history and after several expansions we have now reached a production of more than 150.000 Tn/year of kaolin and 650.000 Tn/year of silicon products.

It should be noted that the kaoliniferous sands are made up of 80% Quartz, 15%-17% Kaolin with a low content of feldspar and mica.

The total reserves of coated kaoliniferous sands exceed 42 million tons, and the reserves of feldspar sands are close to 150 million tons.

kaolin sands (million tonnes)

feldspar sands (million tonnes)

Quality policy



The high levels of quality objectives in all phases of our production process have helped us in a very effective way in the success achieved with our clients in our more than 50 years of operation.

To achieve and maintain this success, the main quality objective of Caobar S.A. is to ensure that in all activities related to the manufacture and delivery of kaolin and silica, the technical, legal and qualitative requirements that have been defined for them are met.


The optimisation of this quality, associated with both activities and products, has led Caobar, S.A. to implement a Quality System as a commitment to permanent improvement, as well as to establish the necessary tests and controls so that all our products comply with the applicable requirements for the EC market.

The Management of the Company assumes as its own the responsibility of achieving this quality, with the total support and involvement of the staff. 

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